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Fanime 2013 Overall Experience (and the horrors of Yaoi Bingo)

No, I didn't go to the maid cafe. T_T

No, we didn’t go to the maid cafe. T_T

Truth be told, I was looking forward to going to Anime Expo 2013 during the earlier parts of the year – going to Fanime again this year was somewhat of a last minute thing. We ended up not having enough funds to afford going to LA and spending our time at the convention as pre-registered members. Fanime’s always fun, so I didn’t mind much. However, it did sour the experience in another way. Since we couldn’t book a room at the Marriott, Hilton, or any other nearby hotels this year (by the time we decided to go to Fanime again, all the reservations were full), we had to book a room at a motel called the “Hotel Elan” (yes, they call themselves a hotel) which was somewhat of a distance away from the San Jose Convention Center. It wasn’t too bad of a place nor was it miles away, but it was still far enough (approximately one mile) that we had to walk over there and take the bus every morning. We never got to the con at the earliest possible time, and since the neighborhood was pretty damn dangerous, we never stayed out too late. From now on, we’re definitely making plans for Fanime every year except when we’re 100% sure we’re going to another con.

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 10


I loved this episode. Turns out the antagonist of these two episodes was the embodiment of censorship, religious freaks who stalk Fanime Con, and insane soccer moms. I must say: Priceless! xD


Also, Nyaruko in Mahiro’s body sticking Mahiro’s tongue in Nyaruko’s mouth, french kissing Mahiro who is in Nyaruko’s body. Followed up by a Neon Genesis Evangelion reference.

Why do I love this anime?

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san 09

This is becoming one, right?

Typical body switch episode. When you’ve seen it on Shakugan no Shana, you’ve seen it on all of ’em. This show is so mindless it hurts.

No notable Japanese pup-culture references that I can mention, aside from that one scene that looked suspiciously like Code Geass. All I can say is that this episode is a great example of destroying the suspension of disbelief when it comes to “straight” anime MCs. And I’ll name all them in one post.

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Let’s Nyaa! \(・ω・)/


I didn’t expect an anime centered around the Cthulu Mythos to be this moé, nor have a bunch of references to Kamen Rider, Pokemon, and Gundam. Seriously, the fact that I can recognize more than half of the references made in each episode should be a sign of unhealthiness.

So far, the show has been thoroughly entertaining me and-… HOLY CRAP, THAT WAS A BOY? Yeah, this series is a reference overdose, is a moé overdose, has aliens, is a shouta haven, is a monstrosity haven, contains as much homosexuality as it does heterosexuality, and is a parody of everything. How is this not turning into a trainwreck?

I love it and I don’t care what anyone else says about it. And dammit, that opening theme is an earworm! UN NYAA, UN NYAA,  UN NYAAAAA DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN LET’S NYAA (seriously, how do you hear “Let’s go!” in THAT?)!