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Support Kodomo no Jikan

Support Kodomo no Jikan

About six days ago, the Kickstarter for the Kodomo no Jikan English localization successfully raised enough money to officially bring this manga series to the English-speaking world for the first time ever, since Seven Seas’ failed attempt to bring it over to the US as Nymphet in 2007.

I’m familiar with the series, and honestly, beyond the surface it’s actually a good read/watch. Personally, I think the controversy is overblown, but rather than jumping into my usual rants, I’ll just point you to an article that I feel is pretty much right on point. If you feel like you’re an open-minded individual and aren’t too sensitive to “objectionable subject matter”, I say pick it up when it’s released and give it a good ol’ college try.

Books, no, plenty of stories in general tackle controversial topics and issues. It’s one thing to say no and not buy it, but if you’re actively against the existence of publications containing ideas and subject matter you find uncomfortable, then I honestly don’t know what to say. As a college student, I’m no stranger to the presence of emotional infancy among my own generation, but of course, I never really know how to respond to it because anything people like me say seems to go nowhere.

Kodomo no Jikan preview (image somewhat NWFS)

Daisuke Aoki is a grade school teacher employed at Futatsubashi Elementary School and is in charge of a third garde class. However, he is the object of affection of one of his students, Rin Kokonoe, going as far as claiming herself his girlfriend. Watch as he tries to avoid her sudden advances in order for him not to lose his job.

The description seems questionable, no? No fear, as Daisuke has a normal head and does not reciprocate Rin’s feelings, so no loli-sex here. The anime, set to air some time this July, will most likely not be licensed as the manga was cancelled for release for “objectionable content”.

I, however, found the manga to be pretty hilarious and look forward to watching the anime. Just an innocent childhood crush gone too far, and I can’t help but put a smile on my face seeing the look on the teacher’s face trying to avoid a third-grader’s [early] raging hormones.