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Sword Art Online 12

Aura--I mean Yui ,doesn't die

Aw man, the feels were strong in this episode. which easily makes this the best episode yet for SAO (aside from the first episode). The logic in this episode was pretty crap (the rather careless placement of the GM console within the game, Kirito/Asuna’s supremacy of happiness within a sea of hundreds being added to their plot armor, Kirito’s inhuman programming ability that allowed him to poof a game object within seconds, etc. which are all probably explained in the light novels), but I don’t care.

Yui’s heart is still alive and I’m happy. 😀 Just when I was preparing a rant in my mind about how suspiciously similar Yui is to .hack‘s Aura (with that giant sword of hax and being the ultimate human-like AI that oversees the players of the game), they went and “killed” her off in a spectacular fashion that wrecked the daddy in me.

There was some good sentimentality in this episode – hopefully the next batch of episodes aren’t about the glopfest lovey-dovey marriage between Kirito and Asuna. The high standard that the first episode set kind of makes all the wish-fulfillment appeal extremely obvious in later episodes. I usually don’t mind such things in small doses, but it gets rather obnoxious when it gets shoved down the viewer’s throat all at once. And I like the pairing, which makes it even more annoying because if they don’t tune it down a notch, they’ll ruin it. Seriously, I’d like to learn a little bit more about the character themselves before I see them sleep in the same bed…

Sword Art Online Chapter 16.5 – Two years worth of EXP flowed into Asuna *GLOP GLOP*

So yeah, yesterday’s post about Sword Art Online had me joking about the fact that Asuna was insinuating that they could have sex in SAO when she started stripping in front of Kirito. Because my common sense told me that it was obviously impossible to do so unless they wanted to teabag the whole night. Hours later, I found about that the author of the novels had a bonus chapter on his website…

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Sword Art Online 10: Pimp Master Kirito

Behold the broken skill of the GODS!

The fact that Heathcliff also has an extra skill gives me the impression that everyone else should have them too (how many other unique skills could have possibly been put into the game for 10,000 players, without leading to more than a few useless ones?). When you take that into consideration, at least PvP isn’t as broken as MVP. Kirito showed how broken these skills could be when he raped the boss of the previous episode.

Ah, whatever. The highlight of the episode, to me at least, is the fact that it solidifies Kirito and Asuna’s status as the official couple.

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Sword Art Online The Expansion: FAMILY PORTRAITS

This is a family game

A game made for the family.

While I haven’t particularly been enjoying the blatant harem-building some of these side-stories seem to be going for (they’re not that interesting, really), they’re admittedly still decently written. I have been enjoying the Kirito/Asuna ship teasing these past few episodes, but nothing seems to top the first three episodes in terms of quality, in my opinion.

What rattled my brain during episode 7, however, was what seemed to be a family photo in Lis’s workshop shown above. Look at her age! How is this even possible? Wasn’t SAO a somewhat recent MMO (which is within the premise of the story)? If it’s not from the game, could it be an import from real life? Then why is her family wearing SAO armor? Gah. I guess this makes more sense if it was during beta testing (where player avatars didn’t have to resemble their RL bodies), but that’s kind of stretch, in my opinion. How long was beta testing again?

On another note: why are people calling her “Liz/Lizbeth” when it clearly says “Lisbeth” on her combat display? That’s pretty silly. xD

(Also, the dragon. Man, if this was Monster Hunter, Kirito would have been screwed regardless of level. And the cooking system seems to blow the Tales series out of the water.)

You're not very honest, are you?

Baka! I-i-it’s not like… I like you or anything!

Sword Art Online 04

Must. Not. Get. Attached.

Regardless of any minor gripes I had with the anime originally, I commend it for putting me on my toes.

By that, I mean because of the previous episode’s little death show, I’m trying my best NOT to get attached to any characters in this anime. Especially since they’ve brought Player Killing into the mix, making the players a danger to each other as well. If it wasn’t for that, I would have savored the utter cuteness of Silica more, but I spent most of the episode expecting her to die. D:

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Sword Art Online: Likes and Dislikes (First Impressions)

MMOs are srs business

Now that I’ve finally got around to starting up Sword Art Online (the first three episodes), I finally gathered enough initial feelings about this anime in order to write a thorough impression on it.

I have to be honest here. The only other anime series about “playing an online game” that I ever really liked before this ever came around as an animation was the .hack series, if only for the strong character development, dialogue, and feeling believable as a high-caliber virtual MMO, despite the hazardous sides to it (Morganna, Data Drain, etc.).

So how exactly does Sword Art Online hold up for me in comparison?