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Gyakuten Saiban Anime – Any Objections?

What I REALLY want for Christmas

I remembered that old promotional video for the release of Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Gyakuten (the remake of Gyakuten Saiban 1 for the DS in Japan, and the first Phoenix Wright game released for English-speaking audiences). The FUNNIEST thing ever. What people liked about that promo was its witty (almost parody-like to the franchise) script – making it a very good promo for a video game. But what made it unique to PW fans – something that’s absent from the actual game (besides the non-murder case) – was really the voice acting.

When I first saw this promo, the chemistry of the voice cast was really superb… and then I began thinking: “What if there was an anime adaption of Phoenix Wright?”

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HOLD IT! Before you hit that…

(The red dude is me mocking my friend’s horrible overdose of l33t mocking…)

Always remember, THIS is the reason why the last place to start an online relationship is in an MMORPG. Sure, in a strange twist of fate you may find your true lover in an MMO – but you’d be pretty disappointed when doing a soul search on an online game and getting attracted IN THAT WAY to those pretty little pixels, only to find out they’re some dude that dropped out of high school and still lives with his mom.

Girls will go crazy for that.

Cosplay at AX 2007

I was checking out some videos of the convention that people posted on the internet since I really didn’t want to go. Driving all the way to Los Angeles, going past some really bad smelling cows from the pastures in the hot summer weather, and arriving half-dead is NOT worth seeing the Haruhi cast. Shoot me if you will. ;;

Here’s a video of cosplay at AX made by the dudes in the credits from YouTube. It’s basically a montage of cosplay on Day 2. As you can see, cosplay’s the usual, ranging from friggin’ wierd (0:30) to very awesome (at 1:12, we see some really cute cosplay of Fallen Angel Flonne. ^^). At 1:00, we see Spider Man and AbaRed… xD lol I believe Comicon is that way. *points waaaay over there*. Kidding, kidding.

In the middle of “friggin’ wierd” and “very awesome”, there’s “very disgusting” I pretty much expect that there are very… well-built men/women cosplaying as very petite loli. I believe there’s at least 6 fat 30-year-old women cosplaying as Flonne and another 30 men, of all ages, dressing in all sorts of drag. You can only see this kind of thing in California… at Anime Expo! …Maybe not.

Of course, nothing’s complete without almost over 50 Haruhi taking over a chunk of space outside, lots of dansu, and doing the Lucky Star dance which over half them didn’t even get right (lol ^^;;).

Oh my. Is that Yuki a trap?

Obscure Korean Gaming – Why Can’t It Be Good? (Mikoto Edit: You got the publisher wrong)

Title: Magna Carta : Tears of Blood
Publisher: Atlus Softmax
English Distribution: Atlus
Rating: D+

-Storyline- C+
The storyline is generic, but acceptable. There is a war between elf-like people and humans. They look similar except for one race having pointy ears and the other having rounded ears. However, legends go around saying the elf-people are demonic freaks of nature, so anybody that isn’t in the front lines has no idea what they look like other than what propaganda. The main character is the leader of a human mercenary group and is inspired to fight because his family was slaughtered.

Sound familiar? If you’ve played a small amount of games, you should be familiar with this already.

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Ore no Negai~ My Birthday Desires ^^

Here’s a list of some of the things I might get for my birthday (which is tommorrow). I get free-use of $100 (maybe more…), so I’ll be able to get most of these… ^^;; Of course, there isn’t much anime stuff… more manga/light novels and video games than anything else. ^^;;

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The Video Game of Haruhi Suzumiya

Right from Kotaku! This blogger also has it up too, before me.

Yup. A new The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya PSP game is set to be released on July 10th (9 days after my birthday!) by Bandai Namco (coincidence that Bandai was the one that licensed it in the US, hm? 😉 Maybe this game will see the light of day in the US after all).

All I have to say is… why PSP? I was hoping for more of a Haruhi DS game, since I feel they could do alot with the DS’s features. I’m not too fond of the PSP either (note: I’m NOT a Nintendo fanboy). Oh well.

Stuck on Shakugan no Shana DS game

Okay, I’m playing the Shana DS game right now and I’m obviously stuck if the title didn’t already give it away. When I started the game it seemed to take on the effect of a visual novel. I have very limited Japanese skills so I don’t know what the heck is going on and what to do on that little spinning thing.

… Aside from that pain, the biggest pain is listening to the screechy BGM due to it being too sexy for my youknowwhatonthecomputer… (you know what I’m talking about). Actually, it’s the first RO… youknowwhat I ever got to play and work on it. Oh joy? *clap* I think I shouldn’t even bother anymore… I’d be absolutely thankful if someone were to make a fansub of the game like the mass amount of untranslated visual novels since the game doesn’t seem to be coming to the US anytime soon. That’d be dandy. ^^; … But I guess webservers can’t take it due to the supposed battle system in the game. ): Come to the US soon please! Or at least give me some light on what to do on that spinny thing. >_>;

Um, if someone were kind enough and actually played the game (or not), could someone tell me what’s it about and if it’s based on the light novels or has a story of its own? Because that was certainly never made clear to me!

I managed to take a few sexy screenshots though…

Seems to be such a nice game if only I understood most of it!

Edit: Nevermind. Found out that the game doesn’t follow the light novel’s story.

Space Pirate? NO WAI!!

Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy is…genius! This game is amazing, I just couldn’t believe an RPG could be combined with real time combat so well. It feels like a hack and slash, but if you try to slam on that ‘X’ button then you’ll be dead before you reach the first boss. No joke, it happened to me on the game’s second battle. Sad, really.


Okay, we’re jumping straight to the combat on this game. As I mentioned above, the combat is in real time. However, it’s still a random encounter. When a fight starts you get a giant flashing red ‘WARNING’ sign on your screen and when it goes away the enemies jump out of the ground. At this point you have to dispatch them with abilities, guns, arrows, swords, and flamethrowers. The weapons described above aren’t available to all the characters however, with the main character wielding a sword and handgun. In the game you have something sort of like a stamina bar that decreases when you attack, use an item, or use an ability. Once it runs out you have to run in circles like a little girl while it recharges. Or if you’re feeling skilled or just plain crazy, then you can block an enemy attack which instantaneously charges the bar to maximum power. This allows you to pull off a counter attack, no matter how much stamina you have left. The game also allows for jumping, carrying enemies, and throwing them around to amuse yourself. There’s so much more I could mention, but you’ll have to play for yourself to find out. Let’s just say one gun creates platforms on the enemies heads for you to jump on to damage them, and make use of jumping other than for attacking up high.

The story is definitely not the best out there, but honestly, not many RPG’s have very good stories anymore. In Rogue Galaxy a 17-year-old boy named Jaster is living a boring life hunting small monsters out in the desert for money. His home, the desert planet Rosa, is under control by one of two warring empires. He is tired of his monotonous life of living on an enslaved planet and one day, has his dreams fulfilled when he is mistaken for a famous monster hunter and is recruited to a crew of space pirates. Swords, space, and women. What more could you ask for in a game?


Jaster, the main character of the game.

Kisala, the only character you’ll ever care about, other than Jaster.


Final Fantasy XII – What Love Story?

Raise your hand if you liked the love story in Final Fantasy X. Don’t be shy, I won’t make fun of you.

Now, if you didn’t like it, then you’ll be excited to know that this next installment in the series (not counting the online game, FF XI) has a much darker, political story. In this game, it’s not about stabbing the man who stole your woman, it’s about stabbing a man who took away your homeland’s freedom.

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Looks like CuberType just released a sequel to their Haruhi-style Gyakuten Saiban doujin game…? 涼宮ハルヒの逆転2+1

Holy crap, I just noticed:

Turnabout Court Haruhi 2+1?

Mikuru and YukiHaruhi

Tsuruya Itsuki

Objection! Emiri... o_o
(Emiri with a whip….? o___o)

Crazy rumor from GameCrazy: Phoenix Wright 3?

-Source: This thread on Court-Records Forums

According to a screen of GameCrazy’s computer systems posted by one of their employees on Court-Records, a new Phoenix Wright game is set to be released on 9/25/2007, presumably a DS port of Gyakuten Saiban 3.

I work at a GameCrazy store and periodically, our computers will be updated with information before publishers release it (for example, we have “Riddick” for the PS3 and XB360 in our systems, but no announcement has been made). Anyway, I was checking trade-in values this morning for Phoenix Wright, and I noticed six entries instead of the usual four (each game has an entry for a used copy and a new copy.. so four entries = 2 games, 8 entries = 4 games, etc).

Anyway, I went back and looked, and I noticed that they have put in a new Phoenix Wright game, slated for this fall, and the tagline cut off, but it said “Phoenix Wright – Trials Tribu”. I’m guessing it could be “Trials and Tribulations”, but I don’t know. It had a release date of 9/25/07.

I know what you’re saying. “Oh, he’s a new guy. It’s his first post. He’s making this stuff up.”


(“Gameboy DS”… GameStop’s unfixed computer errors makes me LOL in my pants…)

All I have to say is…


(kthx to Court-Records for the smilie. 😛)