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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon


Image Credit: rokunasi hitonasi from Pixiv

Also known as “Back Pains: The Anime”.

I honestly think this series is underrated, at least in the English blogosphere, where I’ve heard it being called utter garbage more often than not. I jumped into the anime with very low expectations, and was pleasantly surprised.

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High School of the Dead 07

Don't cry Alice T_T

The most enjoyable episode in this series so far. Yeah, that’s right. Maybe because this week’s episode was much more than an excuse to have the female characters grope each other. Ohoho. ;D

Alice putting that flower on her father’s dead corpse, in particular, pulled on my heartstrings. I guess I just have a soft spot for children who have loving parents that would protect them no matter what. >;

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High School of the Dead 02

Don't fuck with the quiet ones.

woot. Nobuyuki Hiyama plays a badass character once again. School geek who is a closeted badass FOR THE WIN.

Not much happened in this episode, besides all the surviving characters finally meeting up and the reveal of one of the protagonists being a bullet-crazy weapon otaku. Everything else was just a bunch of zombie head-mashing… which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but ya’ know.

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Seasonal Blogging List (Mid-Summer)

Summer 2010

Pretty much all the confirmed shows I’m going to blog until the next batch of shows stick their ugly heads in.

I’m probably going to watch one or two more shows in addition to the ones I’m going to blog. However, I’m too much of a wimp to blog that many shows. That, and I have tons of video games I need to beat (and I have a hunch that a good amount of anime this season will disappoint me).

SO, NO SORRIES! =D I just finished up FMA: Brotherhood and will write a post regarding that tomorrow.

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