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Fullmetal Analysis: Comprehension, Deconstruction, & Reconstruction (Series End)

Farewell FMA, until the movie

And so goes the fandom I’ve been following for god knows how long. First anime was a mixed bag, monthly waits for the manga chapters were a torture, and the second anime brought me into an adrenaline rush that was certainly not good for my health. But let me say this: it was worth the ride and I’m very happy that I got to see this series develop during these past several years.

(My thoughts on the manga version here.)

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[J-Pop] Tales of Vesperia Opening – English/Japanese Remix

Rita Mordio

Oh god, I win at life.

Thanks to Bonnie Pink putting “Ring a Bell” in both English and Japanese (“Kane wo Narashite”), Tales of Vesperia has become the first Tales game in which the localization basically uses the same opening song as the Japanese version… with lyrics (I’m looking at you, Tales of The Abyss and your epic, but unnecessary, guitar mix for Karma).

Getting to the point, song’s awesome. I remixed both versions of the songs and made an entirely new version I’d like to call, “BELL wo Narashite”. Subtitles, courtesy of me. Enjoy.

(Enjoy) Shakugan no SHANA II OP – “Joint” (TV-Size)

Shakugan no SHANA II OP

The opening song, “Joint” (sung by Mami Kawada, a member of I’ve Sound), from Shakugan no SHANA II rocks so much it isn’t even funny. Being the Shana fanatic I am, I searched high and low on the internet and finally found an mp3 version of the TV-sized version of the song (so I could loop it again and again on my m3 player, of course. :P) and thought I’d share it.

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