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Hey guys, it’s my birthday…


…So instead of posting a generic wishlist detailing some of the weaboo goods I so desire, I will post the top ten most awesome things that could happen to you on your birthday. Since this is an anime blog, be sure to expect some of the most nonsensical and impossible things you could ever imagine.

(Alright, my birthday technically ended a few hours ago. But hey, this is better than sitting around playing Disgaea and Touhou all night~)

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Shakugan no SHANA II 16 – Thoughts on Yuji’s Big Sword ♥

Is that Yuji kicking ass in combat with the Blutsauger I see there? Are you screwing with my mind SHANA? I don’t think Yuji should even be touching that thing. It’s not that I hate him, it’s just that (for all we know) Sorath and Tyrael might have gone too far with their little hentai incest games. *wink wink* hint hint*

I loved the new OP‘s animation on sight immediately – the scenes are just so damn good. I had to get used to the song by hearing it a few times more, but I’ve slowly found myself addicted to it. I loved everything about the new ED immediately, those little light thingies floating around the characters’ still images are just so beautiful. The actual animation for the episode, however, ranges from below decent to great (the “great” being only a few scenes ¬_¬”).

I like how the second opening to the first series and the first opening to this series deliberately lied to us. The former showing us a battle with Shana VS. Sydonay, which never happened during that period. The ladder showing us Ike confessing to Yoshida in the snow, which never happened during that period.

Oh well. At least the openings have a big enough “cool” factor for me to forgive them for their LIES.

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