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Happy Belated Halloween! (Project Zero/Fatal Frame)

Hot girls getting killed by crazy ghost girls that used to be hot girls

Big giant NO

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Though more than a day late, I felt compelled to honor the horror festivities we had this season using this humble little Japanophile blog of mine in some way or another. Rather than diving into some bizzarro horror manga by the likes of Itou Junji and such, I’ve decided to ramble a bit about one of my favorite Japanese survival horror video game series that I find myself playing every October: 零 (Zero), otherwise known as Project Zero in Europe and Fatal Frame in the United States.

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High School of the Dead 02

Don't fuck with the quiet ones.

woot. Nobuyuki Hiyama plays a badass character once again. School geek who is a closeted badass FOR THE WIN.

Not much happened in this episode, besides all the surviving characters finally meeting up and the reveal of one of the protagonists being a bullet-crazy weapon otaku. Everything else was just a bunch of zombie head-mashing… which isn’t exactly a bad thing, but ya’ know.

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