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Kyoukai no Kanata – Final Impressions

I wish I was in a better anime series

Winter Break is over, my next college quarter has started, and of course I’ve also finished watching Kyoukai no Kanata prior to that.

I must say that the conclusion of Kyoukai no Kanata pretty much sealed my opinion of the series – that is to say, it hasn’t changed quite much. This post isn’t going to be as long as my other Final Impressions posts because, honestly, there isn’t quite much to say about the series.

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Autumn 2013 Anime Leftovers

Have a loli, I mean lovely, winter

Image Credit: angelo (gomahangetsu) from Pixiv

Now that it’s Winter Break and I’ve escaped the hectic college life for the time being, I can devote more time into the blog. Let’s give a round-of-applause to free time not being eaten up by the PS3 and Pocket Monsters X! That being said, here’s my updated thoughts on the leftovers from the Autumn Anime season. I’ve put Kyousogiga on-hold for the time being, so I can marathon it all at once the moment it’s finished, in order write about this fantastic series in a separate well-deserved post.

Kill la Kill‘s pretty much near its halfway point, whilst Kyoukai no Kanata has one episode left to go. Let’s get this quick run-down started!

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Fanime 2013 Haul

Sweet dreams to ME

I now have a huge Ore Imō wallscroll hanging over my bed.

Hey guys! I’m back from school, and raring to post coverage on my experiences at Fanime 2013. Fortunately (or rather, unfortunately?), Fanime is the time of year where I stop giving a shit about college in favor of catering to the weeb inside of me, so I’ll start posting more often on my own damn blog again and talk about shows I’ve finished and started. At least before Wahfuu gets tired of giving my blog respiratory aid. Ahem.

Anyways, I’ll begin the Fanime coverage by talking about the awesome swag that I acquired during my trip at Fanime. I made a decent amount of money this year, and therefore I bought a lot more merchandize from the Dealer’s Hall compared to last year. Of course, it was limited to stuff I couldn’t find anywhere else otherwise, as Region 2 DVDs and the like tend to be pretty cheap when ordered off of sites like Right Stuf, so I limited myself to buying mostly imports and merchandise that are hard to come by normally.

Beware: Photos were taken from my crappy 3DS camera.

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Noizi Itou 【Live Drawing】

As an anime/manga fan-artist, I keep myself updated on Wacom’s YouTube channel, a company which produces high-quality graphics tablets (of which I do not own, ARGH), and every so often they upload a video showcasing well-known artists using their tablets such as the Cintiq 24HD.

For fans of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Shakugan no SHANA, Another, various Unison Shift visual novels, etc. that also happen to be fans of their artwork, you have to be familiar with Noizi Itou, the illustrator and character designer for all of these works. Wacom’s recent video just happens to showcase her doing what she does best. So yeah, here’s a chance to see her skills in action through digital media. ^^

Shakugan no SHANA II – FINAL

(I’m way overdo. Whoever took me off their blogrolls, I love you too. )

This series was disappointing in many ways, and when I thought it would redeem all of that by having an awesome final… it didn’t. Leaving a crappy open-end for a possible third season isn’t the way to go, especially since most of us have waited over half a year for the second season, which (once again) didn’t turn out all that well. Are they *really* expecting us to wait another year (or a possible two) for a third season and get our hopes up, only to give us another lower-than-standard quality production in the end (may I remind you that moé-styled art is only good when it’s accompanied by decent animation and storytelling)? Apparently Carmel-san lied to us about this season having “more action” than the last, since most of this season’s potential “action” was scrapped in favor of turning SHANA into a harem and focusing on the tedious love-triangle.

Also, I don’t know why I should even call the ending to this season an “open-end”, at least for the love-triangle. It’s really unbelievable that Yuji/Kazumi fans are hanging on to the bit of hope that Yuji picked Yoshida in the end. For most of you that watched the final, you can see that’s really sad desperation. No offense to people who support the relationship, but it’s written in stone that Yuji and Shana are meant for each other in the series – Kazumi didn’t really have any hope from the get-go.

Though, I would say that J.C.Staff most likely would come up with a half-assed way of killing that small, yet largest trace of resolution the love-triangle ever had this season.

Screw you, J.C.Staff.

I'll let my Asian pride do the talking.

Sit down, urusai, and try not to disappoint. Simple.

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong – I still love SHANA. It’s just that the anime is so… so… *facepalm*

Shakugan no SHANA II (17-23)

Wow, the second season was really a bumpy ride and as I expected – it’ll all end at episode 24 (… it sort of confirmed itself when the ending song and the credits played while the episode was still going on). Starting off with a really unnecessary filler arc, long spans of boring episodes with no real plot development (IKE’S AMUSEMENT BARF-FEST, I’M LOOKING AT YOU), facepalm-riffic GAMBAREMASU nods (*nods* Yoshida: I won’t lose *nods* Shana: I won’t lose too o|ï¿£|_), and inconsistent animation throughout the whole thing (J.C.Staff, shouldn’t you have a much larger budget for one of your most popular shows?). Despite all that, my favorite moments have happened during these episodes.

Yuji gains a lot of combat development as well as character development during these past episodes. He started kicking ass with his Blutsauger and snapped a Tomogara’s neck for Pete’s sake! (Though… what would really make anime-styled Yuji complete is if he had at least one creepy conversation with himself in a mirror. xD) I really hope the season ends with him turning evil. :3

Yoshida barely changed – although she’s still holding onto that little bit of hope of getting together with Yuji. I bet she’ll go into a state of depression later on, as I predict Yuji yelling out Shana’s name (“the person he chooses to protect”) judging from the preview. Ouch. Aside from the horrible fact that Yuji screaming is ****ing awful, it would really be a stab in the heart for her. Such dramatics. She’d probably be better off losing to the initial challenge she set up with Shana (which is, by the way, a pretty romantic challenge in my opinion ♥).

Shana winning an epic battle against Sabrac with an extended version of JOINT playing as a battle tune was really the one thing I liked the most, despite the fact that they should have animated it better.

It’s been a really tough ride throughout this whole season. Really, an anime adaptation of a really interesting and fun set of fantasy light novels should have done better than what Shakugan no SHANA II coughed up most of the time!

I’ll write up my thoughts on the last episode when I get around to watching it.

Shakugan no SHANA II 16 – Thoughts on Yuji’s Big Sword ♥

Is that Yuji kicking ass in combat with the Blutsauger I see there? Are you screwing with my mind SHANA? I don’t think Yuji should even be touching that thing. It’s not that I hate him, it’s just that (for all we know) Sorath and Tyrael might have gone too far with their little hentai incest games. *wink wink* hint hint*

I loved the new OP‘s animation on sight immediately – the scenes are just so damn good. I had to get used to the song by hearing it a few times more, but I’ve slowly found myself addicted to it. I loved everything about the new ED immediately, those little light thingies floating around the characters’ still images are just so beautiful. The actual animation for the episode, however, ranges from below decent to great (the “great” being only a few scenes ¬_¬”).

I like how the second opening to the first series and the first opening to this series deliberately lied to us. The former showing us a battle with Shana VS. Sydonay, which never happened during that period. The ladder showing us Ike confessing to Yoshida in the snow, which never happened during that period.

Oh well. At least the openings have a big enough “cool” factor for me to forgive them for their LIES.

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Characters of 2007

Characters of 2007... Ironically, two out of three of these characters weren't actually given any roles in any anime this year

A lot of us are looking back at which series are the most memorable this year for a variety of reasons – the quality of the storytelling, originality, niche gimmicks (moé, lolita, Shōtarō-characters, A Drill That Will Pierce Through The Heavens, unnatural boob measurements, etc.), and all that other shit. HOWEVER! To me, what really makes or breaks a series in being truly memorable, it all depends on the characters. In most cases, I would probably remember a series for a lifetime based solely on the characters (or a specific character) rather than the quality of the storyline or how deep it is (of course, if it’s THAT good than it’ll probably be the other way around!). The story could be utter crap for all I care and I’d still remember it if I really like the cast and their character dynamics. In my opinion, if an anime/manga has a story/concept that’s as cliché or horrible as saving a princess who gets her butt kidnapped by an evil witch/evil giant turtle yet has some top-notched character dynamics, then it would probably rank at the top of my list of favorite anime. Likewise, if the story is built FANTASTICALLY yet the characters are flat out boring, then it wouldn’t leave as much of an impression on me despite it having an excellent plot.

Or the character could be just be an utter jackass and the series will be memorable based on how much I wanted to shove a knife down their throat and throw him/her (most likely a HIM…) into a pit of acid…

To get down to business, this post will chronicle some of the characters that has made a big impression on me this year. Based on categories ranging from good to bad to OMG I WANT TO RIP HIS EYES OUT THAT DAMN MAKOTO, the cutest to the most inspiring to THE MOST SUPERLY AWESOME BADASS THAT HAS EVER WALKED DOWN THE PATH OF ANIMU… You name it.

(I’m obviously leaving Bacanno! out of this, since honestly, I can’t choose just one notable person from its large cast of characters)

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Shakugan no SHANA II – 11

Dramatic moons make EVERYTHING BETTER!!! T_T

The preparations for the Seishuu Festivals begins, along with Wilhelmina’s return to Misaki City, revealing Yuji’s inevitable fate: the creator of the Reiji Maigo is stll alive, and being the memento of her lover… The Beautiful Whim, Pheles will soon appear to take it back.

Wilhelmina also fins out about Yuji’s silver flame. However, it seems that The Silver has nothing to do his current predicament…

10 EPISODES AND STILL NO URUSAI. Well, at least we get to see some fanservice. Nothing better than some DFC groping. 8D

We’re slowly getting closer and closer to the more better parts of Shana in this series… hopefully (in the case of the anime). And they better be animated good! I’m slowly starting to notice the increase in badly drawn faces as the episodes go by this season – when I saw the GOOD animation during the brief flashbacks to the first series in this episode, I literally started to cry. Get your act together, animation people!

(Heh, Ike gets abused in this episode. Actually, he gets abused a lot. Poor Ike. ^^;;)

Shakugan no SHANA II – 09

Well, Yuri died. A shame too, I thought he was a likable character, in a sense that he was really one of the only Flame Haze that fought (… uh, had a fight) for the sake of humanity.

And wow, I must say that Margery’s flashbacks of the Silver Tomogara were pretty savage.

Yuji conjurs up a silver (Hmm… Hmmmmm… *cough* *cough*) Fuzetsu… Interesting.

Nice, first episode in a while that made me wet my pants in excitement. It seems Yuji’s father returns next episode (I DON’T CONSIDER THIS A SPOILER BECAUSE IT’S FILLED WITH OBVIOUSNESS FOLKS), so I’m thankful that this might mean that there’ll be less focus of the Yuji/Shana/Kazumi/Konoe love-square during this period.

Shakugan no SHANA II Catchup

Well, since I haven’t been blogging in like, over a month – I could just skip over to the most recent episode I’ve watched… but it wouldn’t feel complete. So, I’ve taken the easy way out (clumping them all together, except episode 8 – being the recent episode I’ve watched). I’ll do the same for CLANNAD some time later. As for Minami-ke… I forgot to watch it since episode 1 due to school work (which means I’ll blog it from episode 2 and onwards). But, onto business.

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(Enjoy) Shakugan no SHANA II OP – “Joint” (TV-Size)

Shakugan no SHANA II OP

The opening song, “Joint” (sung by Mami Kawada, a member of I’ve Sound), from Shakugan no SHANA II rocks so much it isn’t even funny. Being the Shana fanatic I am, I searched high and low on the internet and finally found an mp3 version of the TV-sized version of the song (so I could loop it again and again on my m3 player, of course. :P) and thought I’d share it.

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Shakugan no SHANA – Movie

Shakugan no Shana - Movie

The movie is basically an AU movie (in contrast to what people first thought was a sequel to the first season), giving an alternate ending to the first arc of the anime (which, in my opinion, how they SHOULD’VE ended it) – though it was really tedious going through the same scenes we’ve already seen in almost more than half of the beginning of the movie. Nevertheless, the movie’s good for those who want to start with the second series and don’t want to bother going through the first one to get the premise of the show.

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School is tommorrow…

Sakura in a blazer ;)

What kind of amazing story arc will I, the main character of the world, face? Seriously speaking, in my opinion, have you ever thought what it would be like to have a school life like it is depicted in some of those anime that take place in some sort of area with academic benefits (that aren’t realistic)? It would be interesting to think that, but honestly it might not go well.

Like in those anime based on dating sims, it feels good to think that you’re the main character (to quote Konata in Lucky Star 20) that a bunch of cute-looking girls in school, who happen to not have boyfriends, seem to fall head-over-heels with after a certain set of events, doesn’t it? Though, there’s always the possibility that you’ll end up as a runner-up male character that would probably get close to no attention from those other girls. Won’t feel good, huh? And if you pull the same bullsh*t that Makoto’s done in “his” anime… the end results won’t look so good.

Of course, there’s the non-dating sim anime that take place (or sometimes take place) in school. Anticipating your first day of high school only to find some weird girl sitting behind you obsessed with all things supernatural, and you ending up joining some club that puts your reputation in jeopardy. What’s so good about this? You have a tsundere crushing on you. (; And there’s the scenario where you’re living your ordinary high school life, where everything seems to be normal… only to suddenly be told you’re already dead by a mysterious loli with FLAMING HAIR AND BLAZING EYES. What’s so good about this? You have a tsundere crushing on you. (;

Then there’s the girls, who would probably have such a good time with their mahou shoujo henshin powers and whatnot… The only downside to them being in a shoujo series is that there’s a slight possibility of them being put in a bullsh*t relationship with the school’s local Gary-sue. ^^;; And of course, there’s also a slight chance of you being a dating sim anime choice, either having you be the “lucky girl” or having you be thrown in the background and treated like trash. But there’s still always hope of you becoming the SOS Brigade Leader and god of the world. Heck, you could be the “other” SOS Brigade leader, disguise yourself as a boy, and serve a club full of bishounens.

Hmmm… now that I read this whole entry again, thinking about school in real life… seems a bit boring now. ^^;; But that’s just the way I like it. So yeah, I’m just posting to say that I have school tomorrow and that I’ll cut down on the “posting once a day” thing – of course, I added a bit of my overactive imagination to the mix. lol

2007 Autumn Anime

As I noticed that school is approaching, so is September – the month where the leaves turn red and start to fall, which also means autumn is approaching. I already have my eyes on some of the upcoming shows which I’ll definitely watch, most probably know which one I’m looking forward to the most (hint: above).

Notable series that I’ll watch – after the jump.
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