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Top 10 video games that can easily become anime

The World Ends With You

Honestly. You know, despite how horrible or loose video game adaptations tend to be… Within hundreds of video games, there are those certain gems that are pretty much playable anime. They would have no problem making the transition from one medium to the other. And then, of course, there are those games which actually have better stories than what you would discover in a lot of anime…

(Numbers hold no importance, although #1 is the most wanted one. Also, happy 4th of July!)

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I think we’ve found a winner.




Tadanaga Tokugawa looks totally insane and sadistic in this anime, no lies.

Along with Mononoke, Shigurui has proven to me it’s one of the better anime this summer. The animation is incredibly fluid with detail, and as I thought the blood actually DID look quite… good. Brought to you by none other than MADHOUSE. As expected, it has a lot of barbarity and slaughter – quite a few of the scenes actually gave me quite a bit of a scare. I might not continue seeing how much of a wuss I am, but I won’t deny the high standard quality the show brings – the animation is quite excellent and the story isn’t half bad either.

Even if I may not, well, continually watch and write about it – first impressions are soon to come. Why, would you look at that, I already did!

OH SHI- Is that the dude’s trachea I see?! o_O Wow… ummm… beautiful? Barf.


This picture is somewhat unrelated to the post - but it’s a samurai, so…

I’ve decided to try my hand at Shigurui. I need some violent, naked samurai man-slashing action this season, gosh darnit!

I need other people’s opinions before going into that kind of series though – is it any good? I honestly will hold back trying it if it’s just some mindless violence.